Paul Ryan’s Three R’s

Paul Ryan’s Three R’s are: Repeal. Replace. And Remove.

**No pun intended for the alliterativity that Paul’s Three R‘s are. Repeal. Replace. Remove.   Or as Popeye once said, “Arf.  Arf.  Arf.”

RyNoCare Circular Firing Squad

RINO Party After RyNoCare Bill Pulled

**Dave Pollot Art

RyNoCare – Is the Answer Behind These Doors?

No, No RyNoCare

As reported by Breitbart, “Chaos Inside GOP House Conference Forces Speaker Ryan to Cancel Thursday’s RyanCare Vote

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R.-WI) cancelled the anticipated vote on the American Health Care Act—RyanCare—the latest sign that the bill is in a death spiral.

Progress bringing the bill to the floor was stalled out when a compromise reached in principle between President Donald Trump and the chamber’s conservative bloc, the House Freedom Caucus, late Wednesday was not included in to the bill as a manager’s amendment.