Mitt Romney – I’m Still A Snake

Willard’s Washington Post ‘virtue signaling’ Op-Ed.


John Kasich – Failed Lifeboat Captain

John “The Pancake-eater” Kasich has been making the ‘Holier than thou’ rounds advocating that, if we just had a soul, we’d solve humanities suffering….just look at the wretches, he says.  At what point, Gov. John, are our souls saved, 10,000 migrants?  100,000?  1,000,000, 10,000,000?  Or 100,000,000?  And when we’ve destroyed this country and finally say enough, what happens to our souls then?  Go back to your pancakes (but work on your table manners), and keep your hands and your blind ambition (Kasich 2020) off this country.


John ‘Effing McCain, RIP

We’ll miss the Senator in oh, so many ways….


Could Cindy McCain Be Set To Take Over John’s Seat?

As reported in the Gateway Pundit,

We Apologize For Cindy McCain, Too

According to sources Cindy McCain is set to take over for husband John McCain as Arizona senator.

It’s not clear if Cindy is even a Republican… But, then again, it’s not clear if John was a Republican.


John McCain Weighs In On ‘Nunez Memo’

Senator John McCain should have reflected a bit on his role in the eventual writing of the ‘Nunez Memo’ before spouting off.  A revisiting of Fox News’ report, “Inside the Trump dossier handoff: McCain’s ‘go-between’ speaks out” could have helped him recall that “In January(2017), McCain officially gave the dossier to the FBI, which already had its own copy from Steele.

Senator, there are times when it is just best to not insert yourself into the scrum. But, then you were always a slow-learning, obstinate SOB, so why should we expect any change now?


Jeff “The Snake” Flake’s Big Speech is a Job Interview

It’s obvious Senator Snake is looking for a ‘Political Pundit’ position on CNN or MSNBC or whatever other liberal, anti-Trump network that might need a purported “Republican” for purported “Balance”.  Give us a FakeNews lecture Senator Snake?  I don’t think so.  By the way, Senator, you really are a sad sack.