George H.W. Bush – More Than a Skydiver

John McCain’s Senate Farewell Party

Goodbye John. It’s been way too long coming….

Lindsay Graham Finally Identifies….

And it looks like it’s time to PARTY!! Right John Boy?  Love the outfit Lindsay, but you’ve still got some of that ‘man-spreading’ going on.

RyNoCare Circular Firing Squad

John ‘Effing McCain Contemplates Trump’s World

The Press’ New Bitch – Johnny ‘Maverick 2.0’ McCain

Little Johnny ‘Maverick 2.0’ McCain, in an effort to regain relevance, get attention from the MSM again, and to prove his ‘little dick’ is bigger than Donald Trump’s ‘little hands’, decided to violate one of the core principles of U.S. Foreign Policy protocol – talk trash about the President when overseas.  How passive-aggressive you are, Little Johnny Maverick 2.0.

CBS News gleefully reports, “John McCain blasts Trump in Munich speech“.

Republican Sen. John McCain delivered a withering critique of President Donald Trump in a speech Friday that highlighted fractures within the GOP as the new administration struggles to overcome a chaotic start.

Speaking in Germany at the Munich Security Conference, McCain didn’t mention the president’s name, according to the prepared text, while he lamented a shift in the United States and Europe away from the “universal values” that forged the Western alliance seven decades ago. McCain is the chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

Here’s Johnny caught during some of his finest hours.

RINOsaurs – Soon To Be Extinct

Golden Oldies With Mitt

Since ol’ Mittens Romney is back on the scene again, a little walk down ‘memory lane‘ could be in order.  Keepin’ your friends close, and your enemies closer, since January 20, 2017.