Lt. Col. Alexander Semyon Vindman Is Given New Command

The United States Army announced that Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Semyon Vindman, former Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council (NSC), has been reassigned. Among his new responsibilities will be ensuring that all penguins under his command address him properly as Lieutenant Colonel and do not engage in any ‘Quid Pro Quo’ type behavior.

**/sarc ‘n /snark

Adam “Captain Ahab” Schiff Meets The Great White Whale – An Allegory

Today’s Lesson In Allegory. The little guy with the stuck tongue is Adam “Captain Ahab” Schiff. The Pole that little Adam’s tongue is stuck to is Trump’s “Moby Impeachment Dick.”

Adam “Captain Ahab” Schiff going down with Trump’s “Moby Impeachment Dick”.

**Any insinuation that Adam “Captain Ahab” Schiff’s tongue was stuck to Trump’s actual “Great White Whale” was unintended and coincidental. But now that you’ve seen it, it can not be unseen.