Dr. Wayne Left Her World To Testify Against Brett Kavanaugh

I’m a little stuck here on whether to use a Dr. Emmett Brown’s “Back to the Future” clip here, or Dr. (heh) Riff Raff’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Time Warp. So you get both. Lucky people. Dr. (heh, again) Garth’s “Foxy Lady” from “Wayne’s World” would have been too obvious a tie-in choice.

“Back to the Future” – Dr. Emmett Brown’s DeLaurean

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” – Riff Raff’s “Time Warp”

Thanks Anon in MT

Christine Blasey Ford’s Classmate Discloses Another Possibility Regarding Kavanaugh Claim

But, then again, maybe not. There is no way to know whether said classmate’s recollection hasn’t been “refreshed” by an internet meme that is currently plying the nether regions of the interweb.

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