Big Government

You wonder what happens when government takes over your life??  Well, read between the lines and extrapolate the results of this experiment with our furry little best friends to the results of say, “The Great Society.”  From the :

Have humans made dogs STUPID? Pets are ‘lazy thinkers’ compared to wild wolves and domestication may be to blame

Study compared how 10 wolves and 20 dogs solved a puzzle to reach food

Wolves were more persistent and successful than the domestic animals

The dogs looked to humans for guidance rather than tackling the problem

Scientists say domestication has changed how dogs tackle problemsDr Monique Udell, an animal behaviour Sucking_On_Govt_Teatresearcher at Oregon State University who conducted the study, said humans appear to have conditioned the animals to not think for themselves.

 The results may explain why dogs so often seem to get themselves into a tangled mess with their lead or get their heads stuck in railings or inside boxes.

Well, yeah….Trapped forever sucking on the “Government teat.”

Dr Udell said: ‘Wolves may have more opportunities for independent Dog_Ball_Flip_animatedproblem-solving within their environment, and a greater history of success obtaining trapped food independently owing to their relative strength.

‘Consequently, dogs’ behaviour may be the product of conditioned dependence on humans, or conditioned inhibition of independent problem-solving behaviour when confronted with a novel task.’.