AGW – Gender Equality Cools the Globe?

Huh??  At least according to these folks at the Women Gender Constituency , a little more love in our hearts for Gender Equality (and Women, of course) will fix our AGW-Climate Change-Global Warming (AKA: Weather) problem.  Really.  Ladies and Genders, let’s go tilt some Windmills.  Charge.


Al Gore Is Still Gross

Al Gore spent a few hours back on the campaign trail with Hillary last week.  We learned two things from Al on the stump, 1)  he’s still a really gross bag of wind and, 2) as reported by HotAir, “Last week Hillary agreed that Gore ‘won’ 2000 election“.

algore_short_campaignAs the New York and Beltway media light their collective heads on fire over Donald Trump’s reluctance to accept the results of an election that has yet to take place, let’s walk down memory lane for a moment to see how willing Hillary Clinton has been to accept past election results she wasn’t pleased with.

Thankfully, we don’t have to go too far back in time.  How about just last week as Clinton appeared with Al Gore in Miami, FL.

Eat your heart out, Donald. Only Liberals are allowed to question electoral outcomes.

Leonardo–Take Your Goat and Shove Up Your Wind Generator

The Chicago Tribune writes that Leonardo DiCaprio says, “Politicians who don’t believe in climate change ‘should not be allowed to hold public office’“.

Capping a day-long futurist fair and alternative music fest on the South Lawn of the goat_wind_generator_tetherWhite House Monday, President Barack Obama told actor Leonardo DiCaprio and atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe “we’re really in a race against time” to curb the worst impacts of climate change.

“We must empower leaders who not only believe in climate change but are willing to do something about it,” DiCaprio said. “The scientific consensus is in, and the argument is now over. If you do not believe in climate change you do not believe in facts, or in science, or empirical truths, and therefore in my humble opinion should not be allowed to hold public office.”

Now, Leonardo, in my humble opinion, the only good use for your wind generators is to tie up your goats. Contemplate that on your trip to Mars.

Trumping Global Warming

From The Japan Times, “Trump sends shivers down spines of nations trying to solidify global warming pact“.

The talks in Germany to flesh out December’s historic global climate deal are probably not at the top of Donald Trump’s agenda this week.

AGW_Bazillian_Polar_BearsBut the diplomats from 196 nations huddled in Bonn are keenly aware of the fact that the “The Donald” is now within spitting distance of the White House — and it is making a lot of them nervous.  It is not hard to see why.

The last Republican standing in the U.S. presidential race has described climate change as a hoax perpetrated by China to gain competitive advantage in manufacturing over the US, an eccentric Meme_Almost_Gave_A_Fucktheory even among climate skeptics.

More recently, he said he was “not a big fan” of the Paris Agreement, the fruit of two decades of stop-and-go (but mostly stop) wrangling between rich and developing nations.