Now That’s a YUUUGE Border Fence

Someone from CNN needs a lessen in Geography.  Of course, by Common Core standards, close counts as a win, right?  Hey, they showed up….

From the Huffington Post, “Austria Plans Border Fence With Slovenia To Control Migrant Flow“.

Illegal_Immigrants_Australia_Building Slovenian_Border_Wall

Austria will build a 3.7-km (2.5-mile) fence on either side of its busiest border crossing with Slovenia to help manage the flow of thousands of migrants a day onto its territory, senior officials said on Friday.


It was the latest move by a country on Europe’s main migratory corridor, stretching from Greece to Germany, to manage or curb the influx since hundreds of thousands started streaming into Austria and Germany two months ago, putting severe strain on the European Union’s prized system of open borders.

Slovenia began erecting its own razor-wire fence along parts of its frontier with Croatia on Wednesday, saying it aimed to assert better control over the migrant flow onto its soil that began shortly after Hungary built fences on its southern border to keep the marching crowds out.