The Ubiquitous Mr. Christie

Just as you should never get between a dog and his dinner, never get between Chris Christie and a microphone or a good meme. Chris has checked out of “The Beach House” and landed right in Barack Obama’s “Portrait World”.

Chris Christie’s BeachGate – A Dab ‘O Art

I see a ‘beach scene‘ shot from a aerial drone. The only thing missing is Chris Christie….

Oh! Here’s Chris!!

Chris Christie’s BeachGate – No Beach For You This Weekend, Governor

Just in case the Governor is planning another little outing this weekend – a few cautionary memes.  We’re watching you Governor Chris ‘Effing Christie, Beach Hog in Chief.

Chris Christie’s BeachGate – Yalta Edition

Chris Christie’s BeachGate – Yalta Edition


Here’s Chris Christie’s BeachGate Hump Day bonus.

Chris Christie’s BeachGate – Shark Jump Week

Just like #FakeNewsCNN , I grab onto a story and ride that puppy (or shark) until it’s legs (or fins) fall off.  Chris Christie’s most excellent BeachGate adventure is just one of those “it’s impossible to eat just one” (right, Governor) stories.  In honor of the upcoming Sharknado 5, here’s a few more of our favorite Chris Christie BeachGate memes.  Hold on to your swimming trunks, kiddies.

You were expecting more memes? Ok.