Another Bad Two Weeks For “The Zuck” And The Big Faceplant Book

So what’s a mere $73.5 Billion among ‘friends’. Heh.

YCharts Facebook Market Cap

March 29, 2018464.19B
March 28, 2018444.55B
March 27, 2018442.20B
March 26, 2018464.97B
March 23, 2018463.03B
March 22, 2018479.01B
March 21, 2018492.08B
March 20, 2018488.48B
March 19, 2018501.29B
March 16, 2018537.69B

Three Genders – Men, Women, Democrats

Granted that Facebook thinks there are 58 gender options, but we think all of those choices can be easily be boiled down to three– the Men, the Women, and the Democrats (all the rest).  Everyone’s bathroom problems solved.

And as long as we’re solving problems, let’s start working on those pesky female body-type issues.  BYOB.  Bring your own Barbie.