trump_skittlegate_captureLet’s see.  Hillary has BillGate (not Bill Gates, but the one where he made a DNA deposit), EmailGate, FoundationGate, WeinerGate (that’s the one where her #1 Huma’s husband channels Bill Clinton), BenghaziGate, BimboGate, FileGate, ChinaGate, TravelGate, WhiteWaterGate, CattleGate, RapeGate, and good for a second mention, FoundationGate, to name just a few.

Trump has SkittleGate.  OMG.  The world as we know it is coming to an end.

Make America Brazil Again

God forbid Hillary Clinton is elected President, but I can see the Loyal Opposition’s headlines, “Make America Brazil Again”, or as the Washington Post reports, “Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ousted in impeachment vote“.

Brazil’s Senate ousted Dilma Rousseff as president Wednesday, voting overwhelmingly to impeach the leftist leader in the culmination of a protracted process that has divided the country.

Hillary_NixonThe vote to impeach Rousseff was 61 to 20. Two-thirds of senators — 54 out of 81 — were needed for impeachment to pass.

Senators broke into cheering and applause after the electronic voting was announced and sang the national anthem, concluding a process that was given the go-ahead in December.