Woke Moon?

I’ve heard of Harvest Moons, New Moons, Waxing Crescent Moons, First Quarter Moons, Waxing Gibbous Moons, Full Moons, Waning Gibbous Moons, Supermoons, Blood Moons, Blue Moons, Harvest Moons, Pink Moons, Flower Moons, Hunter’s Moons, Strawberry Moons…. But an ‘effing Woke Moon?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stars In A ‘SJW Productions’ Remake Of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”

Madonna sized tears aside, according to reports by Summit News, “Photos Reveal AOC Was Crying Over an Empty Parking Lot.”  Yes sir.  A good little Democratic-Socialist Social Justice Warrior will do just about anything in the the name of “Wokeness”.

“And as for fortune, and as for fame I never invited them in Though it seemed to the world they were all I desired”

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Question For Gillette – Does Being ‘Woke’ Mean You Have To Shave Your Pits and Legs?

Could this be a sinister marketing ploy to sell more excruciatingly expensive razor blades?  Would being a ‘girly-man‘ require one to shave more square inches of skin, hence, more wear and tear on those corporate annuities called Fusion 5 or Mach 3?

Here’s Gillette back when men were men….