‘Feeling the Bern’ for 2020

Too bad Bernie Sandals and his wife have turned out to be the same money-grubbing Pols that he’s been railing against.

Bernie’s New California Primary Hairdo

This is the new “doo” Bernie has chosen for his post-primary victory celebration Tuesday night.  It is oh, so California, don’t you think?


Bernie’s Angry Supporters

These Bernie Sanders supporters will be more than ready for Las Vegas.


Here’s a taste from the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Two Ways to Hide a Plumbers Crack

Cracked?  Or Cleaved?  Your Choice.

Feeling the “Bern” in Venezuela

So how is that “Free” thing working out for you in the Socialist Utopia of Venezuela?

From YahooNews, “Venezuela, where a hamburger is officially $170“.

Caracas (AFP) – If a visitor to Venezuela is unfortunate enough to pay for anything with a foreign credit card, the eye-watering cost might suggest they were in a city pricier than Tokyo or Zurich.

Bernie_Sanders_Breadlines_2016A hamburger sold for 1,700 Venezuelan bolivares is $170, or a 69,000-bolivar hotel room is $6,900 a night, based on the official rate of 10 bolivares for $1.

But of course no merchant is pricing at the official rate imposed under currency controls. It’s the black market rate of 1,000 bolivares per dollar that’s applied.

But for Venezuelans paid in hyperinflation-hit bolivares, and living in an economy relying on mostly imported goods or raw materials, conditions Bernie_Sanders_Hollywood_Foolsare unthinkably expensive.

Even for the middle class, most of it sliding into poverty, hamburgers and hotels are out-of-reach excesses.

“Everybody is knocked low,” Michael Leal, a 34-year-old manager of an eyewear store in Caracas, told AFP. “We can’t breathe.”

– Shuttered stores –

Bernie Sanders Supporters – Do You Feel It Yet?


Bernie Sanders Merchandise Takes ‘Hit’ After South Carolina Primary

You had better hurry up an order your Official “Bernie Bong” now. That 50 point landslide loss in South Carolina insures these babies won’t be #FeelingTheBern for long.