Senator Muppets – Balcony Dwellers

We can only hope that Senator Muppet (the one on the left–of the picture, that is) shows Tuesday for a “YES” vote on Tax Reform.

You didn’t know the “Swamp” had a balcony, did you?

Bernie’s 2020 Bling

‘Feeling the Bern’ for 2020

Too bad Bernie Sandals and his wife have turned out to be the same money-grubbing Pols that he’s been railing against.

Bernie Sanders’ New VW Retirement Home

Feeling the Bern?

Bernie just got back from London where he has been personally stringing “internet access cable” to the Ecuadorian Embassy in order to free Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks.  He was heard singing that old Woody Guthrie fav, “Power To The Peeps” as he was toiling away in his coveralls and his tradesman’s “flat cap“.


Donald Trump Photobombs Hillary and Bernie


This photobomb provided by “It Ain’t Holy Water

Should Hillary Fall….

The DNC is warming up her replacement.  ‘Her’ estrogen levels should be at peak efficiency within two weeks, handlers say.


Dumpster Fires – DNC/RNC Style

This stinky mess was brought to you by the DNC and the RNC – Just because they could.


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