Mad Maxine – “Impeachment Is Whatever I Say It Is”

Granted, according to, the “I” referred to was Congress, but who quibbles with Auntie Maxine when she’s on a tirade.

“Don’t come here and tell me, ‘Maxine, you keep on doing what you do.’ But when you gonna give me some support?” she asked. “How many of you in your organizations have said, ‘Impeach 45’ ?”

Waters urged the crowd not to get hung up on what law to invoke in the impeachment process:

Impeachment is about whatever the Congress says it is. There is no law that dictates impeachment. What the Constitution says is “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and we define that.

Trump Derangement Syndrome – Ben and Jerry’s Style

So Donald Trump has an extra scoop of ice cream and liberal’s heads explode everywhere?  Imagine, then if you will, a world in which the President orders a “cherry on top” of his extra scoops?  Perhaps with extra whipped cream…?

The Runaways – “Cherry Bomb”

One couldn’t find a more appropriate group of libs than Mses. Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart and Floria Sigismondi to provided some ‘Trumped’ up outrage.

James Comey – “Don’t Break Me, Mr. Trump”

From the NYTimes, “Comey Told Sessions: Don’t Leave Me Alone With Trump“.

The day after President Trump asked James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, to end an investigation into his former national security adviser, Mr. Comey confronted Attorney General Jeff Sessions and said he did not want to be left alone again with the president, according to current and former law enforcement officials.

Do Be a Debate Dog

Gear up because the ‘stuffs gonna fly.  Hillary invited Mark Cuban (notorious Trumpophobic) to Monday night’s Presidential Debate and The “Donald” responded by inviting Gennifer Flowers (notorious buxom Bill Clinton dog_debate_dogparamour).  And depending on the number of front row seats Trump has, he most certainly will invite Monica, Juanita, Kathleen, and Dolly.

Just in case the above ladies have a previous engagement, there are rumors that Trump will do a Clint Eastwood empty seat deal with name tags on them.

For that matter, Trump has a plethora of choices to get inside Hillary’s head.  It wouldn’t be that hard for him to fill up the entire front row with Bill’s previous dalliances. Let’s see, you have, in reserve, Paula, Maria, Belinda, Naomi, Markie, Patricia, Elizabeth, Sally….