The ‘Hammering in Hempstead’

The Presidential Debate Monday night in Hempstead, NY promises to be one of the historical events that no one wants to miss.

trump_hammering_in_hempstead_animatedHillary is affluent with issues to be exploited by a counter-puncher like Trump.  She might indeed be the Joe Frazier of politics, all hard head and stubbornly driven.  Whereas, Trump is like the political equivalent of Muhammad Ali, unpredictable and stinging like a bee.

Ali and Frazier had the ‘Thrilla in Manilla’. Let’s see if Monday’s debate becomes known as the ‘Hammering in Hempstead’.

While you wait for debate night, watch the “Thrilla in Manilla”.


The ABC’s of GOPe’s

Snagged from the Free Republic :


It really is _us_ conservatives vs THEM in the establishment. And I don’t mean “established”. Just because someone gets elected, yes, they get GOPe_Elephant_In_Room_Wallpapered‘established’ in their various positions and offices. But “The Establishment” is a specific group, they are the


of the republican party. But why do we conservatives have so much disdain for the establishment? It’s because they are


Of people like Obama, or Reid, or anybody else. How often do you hear someone like Pelosi get up on the house floor in order to pitch for the latest big government push and the phrase “…… that democrats and republicans have supported…….” comes out of their mouth?(or a phrase just like it)

Prayers for the “Acela” Primary – Super Duper Tuesday III

What the ‘effing hell is the Acela Primary, you ask?

In this case, however, five states vote Tuesday — Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island – with 172 delegates available for Election_2016_Journalists_PrayingRepublicans and 462 for Democrats. Like the SEC Super Tuesday, this day is nicknamed the Acela Primary after the train service that connects these five states: the Amtrak Acela Express train, which runs through cities including Providence, Rhode Island; New Haven, Connecticut; Philadelphia; Wilmington, Delaware; and Baltimore.

The cool thing about the Acela Express train is that it is the only high-speed train that runs in the U.S. It travels from Boston’s South Station to Washington’s Union Station in roughly seven hours, with 14 stops on its path. Other states have discussed the idea, though no other region of the nation has yet constructed a comparable system to Acela in the northeast.