Rare Photo Of Abilio James Acosta-Cortez Discovered

One of FakeNews CNN’s, Jim Acosta’s, Elementary School playmates released a photo of Jim on the playground during recess.  The playmate, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of being doxed by FakeNews CNN, said he felt he was doing the community a service by releasing the photo.  He wanted everyone to know that the Jim weasel you see now is the Jim weasel that’s always been.

Dear Diary – FakeNews CNN’s Jim Acosta Is At It Again

Jim really needs to stop trying so hard to be an asshole. That one he has wired. Now the reporter bit….not so much.

Je suis ‘Charlie Hebdo’, Weisels de Merde

My guess, Charlie, is that no one within 2000 miles East or West of Houston would give a good fuck whether or not Abdullah and his Merry Band of Throat Slitters paid a return visit to your Offices.  Hard to believe, isn’t it, after that misplaced Kumbaya moment a couple of years ago.

From the Washington Post, “Charlie Hebdo cover suggests Hurricane Harvey victims are neo-Nazis“.

The newspaper’s latest issue takes aim at a new target: the victims of the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas on Friday, killing at least 35 people, displacing thousands and causing billions of dollars in damage.

The art on the Charlie Hebdo cover shows swastika flags and hands raised in what looks like Nazi salutes poking out above floodwaters. The text reads: “God exists! He drowned all the neo-Nazis of Texas.” The illustration is an apparent reference to Texans’ support of Donald Trump, who won 52.6 percent of the state’s vote in the presidential election.