Biden’s Got An Emergency Plan For Texas

President Joe Biden broke his silence Friday about the weather disaster in Texas, promising to visit.

Breitbart–Biden has remained publicly silent about the ongoing struggles in the state for several days except for three social media posts on Thursday.

White House officials asserted Biden was “keeping abreast” of the issues in Texas and that officials are working with local leaders to assist Texans. On Thursday, the White House announced FEMA is providing 60 generators as well as food, water, and blankets to Texas communities.

Biden reassured reporters Friday he is handling the crisis from the White House.

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Melon Harvest Season In Texas

Everything’s Bigger In Texas–July and August are the peak season for fresh and juicy watermelons. They are the largest annual horticulture crop in Texas. Hundreds of farms grow watermelons in an area of over 17,000 hectares throughout the state. Harvest season starts in April in the lower Rio Grande Valley; in June and July watermelons are ripe in the Winter Garden and East Texas, and in August the Rolling Plains area is ready for harvest. Late summer and early fall harvests of watermelon can be found in the Southern High Plains.