Whatever You Do, Don’t Plant The Chinese Seeds!!

How Do You Say, “Feed Me, Seymour” in Chinese? Xī mó wèi wǒ?? 西摩喂我??

At least 187 Texans received mystery seeds mailed from China. State officials warn they shouldn’t be planted.

The Texas Tribune–While the seeds are still being tested in labs and undergoing investigation, Miller said there is a “pretty good possibility” that they are a part of a brushing scam, when a vendor attempts to bolster product ratings by shipping products unprompted and then writing a review using that person’s name. The lab should have results in seven to 10 days, Miller said.

In an interview with The Texas Tribune, Miller attempted to tie the seeds to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m getting sick and tired of these surprises coming out of China. First, it was a China virus, then it was murder hornets. Then we had closed down their embassy because of espionage and spying,” Miller said. “And now we, you know, we’ve got all these mysterious seeds.”

Little Shop of Horrors – “Feed Me”