Amazon’s Newest Holiday Delivery Scheme

It had to happen.  Amazon’s ‘Drone Delivery’ is going to the dogs.  UPS, Amazon’s prime delivery partner (no pun intended) is excited about the concept too.  Currently in the middle of intense contract negotiations with the Teamsters, UPS Management is convinced that they can secure some tasty concessions by throwing a bone or two to the Delivery Dogs. The Delivery Dogs, we hear, are holding fast for a boost in their “Prime Cuts” ration of at least 15% and an additional paid daily hydrant break.

AGW – Missing Christmas Presents

Even the Government knows that ‘wind turbines’ are death on birds, but now Santa?  Evidence shows that we can officially say that AGW-Climate Change-Global Warming (AKA: Weather) is responsible for all Christmas present delays.  So FedEx and UPS, you’re off the hook.  Merry Christmas to you.