Investing In America

Here’s another good reason to invest in Donald Trump’s America.  Why?  Because John Deere has just expanded it’s product line to include its new SJW Removal tools.  Even the smallest community will need at least one.  Deere claims the new equipment has proven cost effective and, they note, it never needs hay.

Forget the Chalk – Gimme the Doh

Trump Play-Doh Safe Space Deraignment Syndrome (TPDSSDS) has be born.  See.  Donald Trump is creating even more new jobs before Inauguration Day.  To solve the TPDSSDS crisis, you gotta have Therapists, and ‘binky’ washers,  and safety pin distribution experts,  interventionists, and coddlers, and grievances communicators–But wait, there’s even more.  You have to Expert Media Consultants to be talking heads on cable….


#Whiners – Getting Ready for Trump’s Inauguration

All of Hill and Jill’s and Bern’s snowflakes are stocking up on riot ‘binkies‘ so they can show up in force to disrupt Donald J. Trump’s inauguration festivities.  I can’t wait to see Donald’s ‘ Gray Panthers ‘ put the melt to Hill’s snowflakes.



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