Meanwhile In Canada – Pissed Off Woman Flings Poop At Fast Food Staff

Eewww!! Eh?  The Providence reports, “Woman detained after feces flinging incident at Langley Tim Hortons“.

A woman could be facing charges after an irate confrontation at a Langley Tim Hortons Monday ended in feces being thrown at staff.

On Wednesday, surveillance video showing Tim Hortons staff being harassed was posted on Liveleak and YouTube.

In the video, which has no sound, a woman can be seen screaming at staff before squatting on the floor and relieving herself. She then picks up the excrement and throws it at staff.

Women Poops In A Tim Horton’s and flings it at the staff.

Click on the Golden Turd to watch the disgusting incident on YouTube. Consider yourself warned.

Too Pooped For Hasbro

OK. So I’m sitting in my cubicle at Hasbro reading my copy of my ‘Employee Performance Review’ where my boss has told me in no uncertain terms that I lack any semblance of Game Creativity or Motivation to Produce anything but a yawn, and… “that your time remaining at Hasbro has the shelf life of a fruit fly….”  And then I say “This is Bullshit–a real Poop Sandwich” and the light bulb goes off…. My job is saved and the World has a New Classic Game!!

So what would the rules look like? Heh.

And then you need a killer ad campaign for Saturday Morning TV. Instant Classic!


#SJW’s – Spoliating Scatological Statues

First the SJW’s came for General Robert E. Lee and then just plain Robert Lee. Then they came for Christopher Columbus and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  Next they’ll be coming for the scatologically incorrect “Unknown Poop Boy” for somehow culturally appropriating ‘indigenous peoples’ methods of, how shall we politely say, doing what a bear does in the woods.

When will it ever end?



Poop-Suit Olympics

We’re filing this bit of sludge under the heading of “bring your own TP”.

The Kansas City Star reports, “U.S. rowing team will use sewage-proof suits at Rio Olympics.”

It’s a month before the start of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and each day seemingly brings more disturbing news.

Athletes are staying away because of Zika virus concerns, police are saying CDC_Suit_Upthey won’t be able to protect tourists and a Reuters report says a drug-resistant “super bacteria” has been found Guanabara Bay.

 This is all on top of an Associated Press story from earlier this month that noted “bacteria from human sewage has in all of Rio’s Olympic and Paralympic water venues. They include the Guanabara Bay, the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, where the rowing competitions are to be held.”

The good news for U.S. rowers is that they have sewage-proof suits.


2016 Zika Olympics, Rio de Janeiro

CDC_Zika_Olympics_RamirezWe thought that reprising some of our favorite “CDC Chic” images might  be fun viewing as you make your travel arrangements to Rio de Janeiro.  The 2016 “Zika and Poop” Olympics is waiting.  Don’t drink the water, eat the food, go outside, God-forbid go near Guanabara Bay, breath the air…..

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