Meanwhile In Detroit – Even The Roaches Are Packing Heat

Man throws shoe with revolver inside at cockroach, shoots self in foot, police say

DETROIT — A man has a bullet wound after he attempted to throw a shoe with a loaded gun in it at a cockroach, police say.

WDIV reported that a 50-year-old man was in his home in Detroit when he saw the roach. The man, who uses a wheelchair, threw his shoe at the roach. It had a revolver inside and when it fell out, it discharged and shot him in his foot, according to police.

The man’s condition is not known…

Donald’s Detroit Poll Watchers

Here are three of Donald Trump’s Motor City volunteer Poll Watchers.  These “Machine-heads for Trump” remind us that one shouldn’t bring a club to a chain-gun fight or a polling place.


Here are some of Barack’s finest Philadelphia Poll Watchers in 2008.