Donald Trump Bombs Syria

Stock footage of the attack on Damascas, Syria provided by FakeNews CNN. Heh.

**FakeNewsAlert** that’s really your salad fixin’s growing.


Aleppo is Toast

CNN┬áreports another feckless failure of Obama’s Syria-Russian Policy, “Syria: 2nd hospital destroyed by bombs as regime gains ground in Aleppo“.

obama_aleppo_is_toastYet another civilian hospital in Syria has been destroyed by airstrikes — this one in the country’s largest city.

At least seven people died and more remain trapped under rubble after “bunker-buster” bombs destroyed the M10 hospital in Aleppo on Monday, opposition activists from the Aleppo Media Center said.
Monday’s attack marked the third time in a week the M10 hospital was bombed. Airstrikes also pummeled the hospital, in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, last Wednesday and Saturday.

Why Gary Johnson Won’t Be Debating

Gary is taking some time off the 2016 Campaign Trail so that he can learn a bit more about Geography before the 2020 Presidential Campaign season begins. He’s resolved to keep himself out of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and actually study World Events. Want a cookie, Gary?



Obama’s “Rush-In” Roulette



Wedgied Into a Corner

Looks like that “line” Obama drew in the sand

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