A Timely Public Service Announcement From Clockboy

Clockboy says that he has been forced to do these stupid PSA’s for peanuts every since his lawsuit was thrown out, “Clock Boy shut down again, hopefully for good,” reports The Washington Times.

Ahmed Mohamed, better known as “Clock Boy” — better known as the tool by which Barack Obama was able to advance his narrative of an anti-Muslim America — just lost yet another of his family’s court cases. And for the love of God, please let this be the last.

U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay this week dismissed Clock Boy’s wrongful arrest suit against the Irving Independent School District, ushering in a moment of, hopefully, final sanity in what’s been a very long, very insane, very politicized series of moments that began in 2015.

That was when little 14-year-old Mohamed brought to class a homemade clock that by all appearances resembled a bomb. And by resemble, it’s meant, the device was a jumble of wires and pieces of metal assembled in a briefcase, complete with what appeared to be timer.

London Broiling – Then They Come For Your Fork…

The Revolution will begin in earnest when London Mayor Sadiq Khan decrees that “Sporks” are the only approved utensils for Londoners to enjoy their Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding dinner.  Who will step forward as the English Charlton Heston and tell Mayor Khan that, “You’ll have to pry my knife and fork from my cold, dead hands…