New Reality Show Premiers – “The Real Housewives of Isis”

ISIS Dream Girl

The Hoop Earrings are a nice touch, but maybe not so Sharia. I’ll bet Abdullah would make an exception, though.

Man Self-Identifies As Goat

You were warned this whole “Trans-whatever”, Self-identifying thing was a slippery slope. Does this now mean that Facebook has 72 Gender Options from which to chose?  Facepalm.

New Dating App for ISIS – ZooFriends

You don’t ‘swipe‘, you ‘spin’ to make a connection.

Here’s just a few of the happy hookups made on ZooFriends.

Hump Day – The Three Amigoats

Thank God for the camel….


Trade Your Life’s Lemons For a Goat

And if you can’t have a goat, how about a Minion? Wouldn’t that make you Happy?

Dazed and Confused – Dog Rescuer

It looks like he rescued the extremely endangered “Bearded Horny-goat Dog”.  It also looks as though he’s on his way to audition for the newest Harry Potter sequel, “Harry Potter and the Lost Summer of Love.”

ISIS – Turnabout Is Fairplay