Daily Darwin – Don’t Need No Stinking Wheels

Darwin notes that the outcome for this racy genome may have been different had he not been an arrogant “Race Car Driving Asshole” and had had a kind word or two for his Pit Crew.  You know, those inconsequential, passive/aggressive little people with the lug nuts and fuel…


Natural selection deems that some individuals serve as a warning to others. Who are we to disagree? The next generation, ever and anon, is descended from the survivors


Yep, They Hate Us

From Politico,  “Europe’s Muslims hate the West

The first reaction to the Brussels massacres among postmodern European intellectuals was predictable: What did we, Europeans, do to them, our Muslims? How could followers of a religion that is proudly called “the religion of peace” commit these kinds of atrocities?


Route Requires Insurance Surcharge

The British Geico Insurance Affiliate has begun requiring a 127% route surcharge for any customer stupid enough to use this  insanely designed “traffic control roundabout”.  The Gecko is strongly considering renouncing his citizenship as a show of solidarity with all of the unwitting victims of the Crown Highway Design Board.  He was heard saying, “Crikey,  these blokes is Medieval.”