“Obombie” – Obama Zombie Coin

Before we get to our featured selection, the “Obombie“, a review of some of our previous Zombie Coins might be fun.

Now for our Halloween pièce de résistance,  the “Obombie Coin.

The Meltdown of the Obamapocalypse is already happening before our eyes zombie_coin_obombie_zombie_coinand we can place the blame squarely on the Obombies. Obombies lumber mindlessly along just like zombies, deriving their sole satisfaction from their leader’s every utterance. Even outright lies such as “If you like it, you can keep it,” have no effect on them. They roam the landobama_obombie_certificate_of_authenticity anyway, consuming lies and wreaking havoc. They are abominations – call them the ObamaNation – and they must be stopped.