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The Washington Post reports that the, “9th Circuit Court declines to quickly reinstate travel ban“.

So before excerpting the story, let’s cut through the crap and the rhetoric. This reasonable temporary travel ban is being fought by last year’s election losers out of a fit of political pique. They lost, and being the spoiled and inconsolable toddlers that they are, they are throwing a ‘tantrum’.  The story follows.

A federal appeals court on Sunday ruled that President Trump’s controversial immigration order will remain suspended for the time being, allowing those previously banned from coming to the United States at least another day to get here.

The decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit preserves a lower judge’s order to temporarily halt the ban — and based on a schedule the court outlined, the stop will remain in place at least until sometime on Monday. The Justice Department said it would not elevate the dispute to the Supreme Court before that.

It’s obvious that had Hillary, or Obama in his third term, taken the same action, everything would have been just fine. All the liberals currently challenging Trump’s order would have shilled for Hillery/Obama saying that, “It’s only temporary. American’s are being protected. He’s/She’s entitled to make that decision because He/She is a real and legitimate President.”

It would have been a 1 cycle news story. In other words, it would have aired for 12 hours max. Why do I believe this? Let me give you an example.

In the last week of his presidency, Barack Obama suddenly and arbitrarily, ended the decades old Cuban, “Wet foot/Dry foot” immigration policy. By ‘administrative’ order, no less. So Cubans fleeing the murderous Castro regime could no longer get immediate US asylum. He even turned around 91 refugees about to land on US soil and sent them back to Cuba to face whatever fate the Castro Regime had for them. And what did we hear from the Democratic, the Left, and the anti-Trump protesters? Crickets. 

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This army has as much chance of defending California’s “sovereign” borders as the following one does in correctly spelling ‘Secede‘.

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